Bringing Light to Blockchain Data

Unlock the Potential of Blockchain Data with Precison and Expertise

The challenges in the Web3 ecosystem

Customer Knowledge

Enhancing customer understanding to allow our clients to personalize service and strengthen trust.

Fraud Prevention

Implementing robust measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

Market Insight

Utilizing advanced analytics to forecast market trends and customer behavior, ensuring strategic agility.

Our Services


  • Performance Analysis and Optimization Recommendations.
  • Identifying and mitigating potential risks.
  • Understanding customer behavior and needs.
  • Deep dives into market trends.

Product Development

  • Prototyping new products/services.
  • Crafting intuitive interfaces.
  • Deploying scalable and secure platforms.
  • Ensuring product reliability and performance.

All of this is custom-tailored for each client with ongoing process monitoring, allowing our clients to focus on their core goals : Delivering value to their users.

Our success

We just won the MultiversX Hackathon with our product TKYC

MultiversX Hackathon

  • 40k $ Cash Prize.
  • Valuable feedback.
  • We got in touch with :
    • DEX with 80M TVL
    • Several launchpad
  • Selected by Itheum, the data ownership-centric solution, for their incubation program

Meet the Team

Benoit Diene

Data scientist - Quant Analyst

Hugo Levet

Full-stack Developer

Mathis Ligout

Management - Business Development

Théo Farnole

Full-stack Developer

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